April 2017 Meeting

At the meeting held on the 25th April the following grants were considered and awarded:

The David Gibbons Foundation received 22 applications and awarded 18 applications and 2 pledges.  A total of £26,850 was awarded (including the pledges).  The largest grants were for 2 of  £5,000 to an East Devon school and a social club in East Devon for adults with learning disabilities.  The smallest grant was for £100 to an individual for essential furniture.  £11,950 was given to East Devon applicants in total.

The Gibbons Family Trust awarded grants of £17,750, plus 1 pledge for £500.   19 applications were considered and only one was refused.  £5,500 was given away by way of 3 grants to Thanet in Kent, and £4,750 to East Devon.  The largest grant was for £3,000 to a Community Trust in Thanet, and the smallest was £165 for a child in Devon to take part in a school trip.