July 2017 meeting

The David Gibbons Foundation awarded grants of £31,000 last week.  This was to 24 applicants, 6 individuals and 18 organisations.  The largest grant was for £10,000 to a local well known medical charity in Exeter which is piloting a new project of support in the home in the East Devon area.  6 individuals / families received grants of £1,812 in total, all of which had been applied for through an organisation.    The smallest grant was for £200 to an individual.  £17,000 of the total will be helping those in the East Devon area. 

The Gibbons Family Trust distributed £23,575 of grants to 20 applicants.  Only £1,500 was for the East Devon area, but a further £7,250 is for the Thanet area.  5 individuals applied and in total received £2,575 between them.  The largest grant was for £3,000 for a children’s charity working in both Devon and Thanet, the grant will help with their Emergency Grant Scheme for children in urgent need.