October 2017 meeting

Recently The David Gibbons Foundation has awarded grants totalling £29,500.  There was an unprecedented amount of demand for help at the meeting with applications amounting to almost £62,000.  4 applications were unsuccessful, and 2 applicants received pledged grants.    That left 20 grants to be awarded now.  The largest grant was for £5,000 to a charity in Exeter and the smallest was for £350 to an individual in need of help with rent. £2750 of grants were made to the East Devon area.

The Gibbons Family Trust had also received a high level of requests in advance of the meeting and was able to meet 52% of that demand.  4 applicants were unsuccessful, and 1 pledge was made.  The Thanet area received £11,358 of grants, and £4,000 will stay in East Devon.  6 individuals received grants, the average size of these was £417.  The largest grant was £5308 to a domestic abuse charity in Thanet.  In total £24,358 was given away through 19 grants.