Trustees’ meeting 17th April 2018

This meeting marked the retirement of Mr Roger Dawe as Chair and Trustee.  Roger was a founder Trustee, having known David and Vera Gibbons for many year.  The Trustees wish to acknowledge their gratitude for Roger’s Chairmanship since the Trusts began operating in 2008/09, and wish him well in his Retirement.

The new Chair of the Trusts is Dr Miles Joyner, and for the first time the Trusts have a Vice-Chair, Mrs Elizabeth Lee.

At this meeting the following grants are awarded: –

The David Gibbons Foundation distributed £25,997 by way of 23 grants.  5 grants were made to individuals in Devon, (£2,697 in total) the rest to charities and not-for-profit organisations.   The largest grant was for £3,000 to Exeter Citizens Advice Bureau for their work with people with disabilities.  In contrast the smallest grant to a charity was to MyAware for an East Devon Support group.  

The Gibbons Family Trusts awarded £17,600.  £3,000 remained in East Devon, whilst £3,950 went to help those in Thanet.  The largest grant, £2,500 will help pay for an annual residential trip to Cornwall for a East Devon youth organisation.   3 individuals received grants, which came to £1,375 in total.   

The next meeting of the Trustees will be held mid July 2018, please try to post applications by the end of June.