Grants meeting on the 16th October 2018

The autumn meeting was a little quieter than the last.

In the Foundation 22 grants were awarded, totaling £28,884.   4 rejections were made.  Very unusually none of the successful recipients were from East Devon, this is something the Trustees will monitor going forward.   The largest grant was for £4,000 to a Devon carer’s charity, whilst the smallest was for just £170 to a couple for the purchase of an oven.  The average size grant from the meeting was £1,313.

The Family Trust awarded grants of £21,530 in total.  Of this £4,500 was for Thanet, £3,050 was for East Devon, and £750 was to a charity operating in both areas.  4 young individuals were assisted by way of grants amounting to £2,750.  The average size grant across the board was £1,346.  There were no rejections, but 2 charities were moved across to the Foundation, whose criteria fell under the remit of both Trusts.