April 2019 meeting

One of the busiest ever meetings for the Trusts, with both Trusts being more oversubscribed than usual.   Unfortunately this means more rejections, or applicants receiving less than applied for.

The Foundation considered 32 applications, and awarded 29 of these.  This amounted to £32,508 in total, which breaks down into £4,758 for 9 individual applicants and £27,750 to organisations.

The Family Trust made 14 grants, all to organisations.  There was an unusually small amount of applicants from the East Devon area and only £1,000 was awarded here.  There were 6 rejections, the highest number for some time.  £17,150 was the total amount given away, of which £6,400 went to Thanet.

The next meeting will be held at the end of July 2019, and the cut off date for applications is the 30th June.