Meeting held on the 30th July 2019

At this meeting the Gibbons Family Trust gave away £22,000, the maximum amount it was able to distribute.  This was split between 15 successful applicants (5 unsuccessful), being 4 individuals and 11 organisations.  The amount given to East Devon was unusually high, £8,400, due to some strong local applications for organisations working with small children.  Thanet received £4,000 out of the £19,100 given to groups.

The David Gibbons Foundation distributed £30,350 by way of 23 grants.  5 individuals received £2,850 between them, whilst organisations benefited by way of £27,500.  There were 3 unsuccessful applicants.  £8,250 of the total will be remaining in East Devon.  The largest grant was to the Budleigh Hub to assist with the purchase of a new vehicle so that clients can attend the Hub.

The next meeting will be held late October 2019, and the cut off date for applications will be the 30th September.  Please do not leave your application until the last minute!