Autumn 2019 meeting

The October meeting considered 50 applications for both Trusts, these applications were asking for total grants of just over £133,000.  With £57,000 to give away the Trustees had some difficult decisions to make.

The David Gibbons Foundation awarded £32,582 in 21 grants now + 1 pledge for 2020. This Trust priorities East Devon and £5,815 of the total awarded will remain in this area.  2 of the largest grants went to Exeter charities Turntable and Food Cycle, the Trustees particularly like the way these charities combine recycling with community interests, helping those in desperate financial need, and opportunities for qualifications and skills for those whose futures might otherwise be bleaker.

The Gibbons Family Trust distributed £24,750, of which £8,000 was for charities working in Thanet, or Devon & Thanet.  17 grants were awarded in total, including to 3 individuals.  The largest grant went to a Charity in Thanet that works with women and their children escaping domestic abuse.