The Trust is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of  children and young people, and vulnerable adults,  and expects all applicants to share this commitment.

The 2 Trusts share the same application process.  When your application is received on our database it will be processed by the Trust into which it fits best, and gives  the optimum chance of receiving a grant.

There are 3 forms which reflect the 3 different types of applicants that we have: –

  1. For charities and not-for-profit organisations,
  2. For individuals applying for themselves, or for a family member,
  3. For organisations applying on behalf of an individual, such as a social worker or school teacher.

General Information for All Applicants

  • The sections below will guide you through what is needed to complete an application form.  You will be able to save your application and resume later.
  • If the application is successful we will ask you to acknowledge receipt of the grant by email. Applicants that do not acknowledge grants are unlikely to receive further grants in the future.
  • Grants are paid by BACS.  The online application asks you to upload bank identification with the form.  This must show the banks name, organisation’s account name, sort code and account number.  The types of bank identification which we accept are:
    1. A copy of a bank statement
    2. A cancelled cheque
    3. A paying-in slip
    4. A letter from the bank, provided it shows all the above required information.

If you are an individual applying please see the relevant section below on payment details. WE DO NOT MAKE GRANTS DIRECTLY TO INDIVIDUALS.

  • The Trustees require recipients of grants over £2,000 for organisations and £1,000 for individuals  to send a monitoring form to the office within 6 months of the grant being received.  A monitoring form will be sent to you electronically, or you can write your own report before then if you prefer.

Deadlines for Applications

Applications to both Trusts are considered by the Trustees at the quarterly meetings.  Please do not leave your application until the deadline!!!   The closing date for receipt of applications is as follows: –

Quarterly Meeting Application Closing Date
April 31st  March
July 30th June
October 30th September
January 7th January


1.  Charities and not-for-profit organisations.

  • We have temporarily suspended the need to submit a covering letter to help organisations in urgent need apply quicker.  You are still welcome to attach one if you like.
  • At the end of the online form there is the opportunity to upload newsletters, brochures, leaflets that you feel may help the Trustees understand the organisation.  If you are submitting multiple attachments please be aware that this may take a little time to submit – do not press submit again or refresh your browser, please be patient!
  • We require sight of the most recent financial accounts of ALL organisations, (unless in the 1st financial year).
    • For registered charities we look at the Charity Commission website, please make sure your latest accounts are included there and the annual return is up to date.
    • For CICs we check the Companies House website for latest accounts
    • For all other organisations, that do not have accounts on either of these websites, we require you to upload a copy of your latest accounts.

To apply click here: 


2.  Individual applicants (or family members applying on behalf of an individual).

  • At least one reference must be scanned, uploaded and submitted with the online application form, and the contact details of the referee included on the form.  This letter of support needs to be from an independent professional third party.  Letters from friends or family are not accepted. The referee may be contacted prior to the Trustees’ meeting.
    Examples of suitable references can come from:     Sports coach or manager, Local authority officer, religious leader, healthcare /NHS worker,  teacher /  lecturer, youth worker, social worker, police officer, employer, solicitor.
  • This reference must be on the LETTER-HEADED PAPER of the organisation from which they are applying, and it must be DATED AND SIGNED within the last 6 months.
  • If possible it is helpful to the application to include a copy of some personal identification.  A copy of a birth certificate, driving licence or passport is requested, but not essential.
  • Payment of grants will be by BACS to an organisation or institution that is happy to receive the payment on your behalf. WE DO NOT MAKE GRANT PAYMENTS DIRECTLY TO SUCCESSFUL APPLICANTS.  If you are unable to supply any of the bank ID listed above we can accept an email or invoice directly from them to confirm their bank details.   If you require more detail on this please email [email protected] before starting your application.

To apply click here

3.  Application form for organisations applying on behalf of an individual

  • This form should be used by anyone applying in their professional capacity for an individual.  For example a teacher applying for a pupil, a social worker or housing officer applying for a client, a sports coach applying for a team member.
  • We look to the organisation applying to administer the grant on behalf of the individual and require the relevant bank identification as stated above.
  • A covering letter on the organisation’s letter headed paper is required to be submitted with the application.
  • A copy of identification of the intended recipient will enhance the application, such as a copy of a birth certificate, driving license or passport.

To apply click here: 


The Trustees are very keen to hear back from grant recipients once grants have been used.  Attached below are our standard monitoring forms, which you are free to use at any time or will be sent to you when we require the form back. However using this form specifically is not compulsory and the Trustees are equally happy to receive letters or reports in any written format.

Electronic monitoring forms will be sent to applicants within 6 months of a grant being made, if we have not heard back from you before.  This applies to organisations who receive a grant of £2,000 or more, and individual recipients receiving £1,000 or more.

David Gibbons Foundation Monitoring Form

Gibbons Family Trust Monitoring Form