Grants from The David Gibbons Foundation


The Trust Deed of the David Gibbons Foundation states the following:

‘The objects are to promote the welfare and relief of

  • people suffering from sickness,
  • people suffering from financial hardship,
  • and the elderly,

within East Devon and the County of Devon, in any manner as the Trustees may decide’.

Grants are NOT made for the following reasons:

  1. Any fees payable of an ongoing nature (such as regular payments for rent),
  2. To individuals for trips overseas for any reason,
  3. For retrospective funding.

In addition only one application from any applicant will be considered in any financial year (April to March).

The David Gibbons Foundation is a registered charity and  can be found on the Charity Commission by clicking HERE (opens in new window/tab)

Recent grant information

The following grants were made in the financial years to the  31st March: –




Value of grants made £127,510 £116,486 £122,681
Number of grants made 98 89 88
Average size grant for organisations and charities £1,552 £1,596 £1,727
Average size grant for individuals £674 £485 £453
Number of applications received 113 96 96
Success rate of applications 85% 92% 85%

Payment of grants

All grant payments are made by BACS.  All applications,  whether charity, organisation, or individual, will need to supply bank identification with EVERY application as our online application process will not accept an application without it.

This bank identification  must clearly show

  • the name of the bank
  • account name, 
  • the account number and the
  • sort code. 

A letter from the bank, paying-in slip, a cancelled cheque, or a copy of a statement are the required forms of identification. 

In addition the Gibbons Family Trust DOES NOT make grant payments directly to individuals, a third party is required to receive the grant payment on the individual’s behalf.  That third party (such as Housing Association, University, service provider, Council) must be able to provide the above bank details to us. 

Please click here to find the application forms –

Application Forms